Persistence pays

One of the most surprising and unexpected Christmas gifts I received this year was a voucher for two sessions at a physiotherapy clinic. At a recent church get-together I had mentioned the trouble I was having with my shoulder, and how I had been on the waiting list for treatment for months. Realising that I was unlikely to do anything more about it myself, the person listening, (who happened to be a medical practitioner), decided to take the initiative out of my hands.

Well, in the course of my two excellent sessions I have learned three useful things about physiotherapy exercises

  1. They are hard work
  2. They have to be done regularly
  3. They do make a difference

While my shoulder itself is still not completely better, I am much less aware of the discomfort I used to feel, and have a sense that things are now heading in the right direction.

I think there are definite parallels between my experience of physio, and my faith. Here at Liberton we are in the middle of our season of focussing on the ‘upward’ dimension of our spiritual lives, and often, in all the busy-ness of 21st century living, this is the one that suffers most. As a result our faith begins to get a bit creaky, and our relationship with God becomes more and more forced when it could be flowing.

The solution? Nothing too drastic – just a willingness and a commitment on our part to get back to the basics. Spending time with God can at first seem very like hard work, especially if it’s something we are not used to doing regularly, but it soon makes a real difference.

Let me leave you with the words of one of my favourite Alan McKinlay songs, which are all about being persistent in prayer, and which are a paraphrase of the words of the Master himself, (to be found in Luke 11.9-13).

We’re asking and we keep on asking

We’re seeking and we keep on seeking

We’re knocking on the door of heaven

And we won’t stop knocking ‘till we see heaven come to earth

Happy Exercising!

Much love