Celtic Devotions 4th October


Reading :  Psalm 91
Meditation :  consider how to live safely under God’s shadow, knowing His protection
Pray to do so
(Pray your morning worship to this God in your own words
Words of thanks for His presence and His peace
His blessings as you found them in this psalm)
Amen and amen we say together.

Pray God’s blessing on the churches in South East Edinburgh

Reading :  Psalm 91 vs 1-2
Reflect on how God has protected and blessed you this day – and pray in response
God of perfect refuge, I bring my praise and worship to You.
Thank you for today, and as I count my daily blessings
Help me to ‘rest in the shadow of the Almighty’
Even at this time of day.
Amen I pray.

Celtic Devotions 3rd October


Reading :  Psalm 90
Meditation :  consider….God’s anger….love…..and favour
Pray the words of verse 14
LORD God, our Father God
Hear our prayers of praise and of confession
And bless us in ways that surpass ourselves –
So that You alone have all the glory!
Amen we dare to pray this new day.

Pray for all in the Kirk tomorrow to experience a Sunday blessing!

Reading :  Psalm 90 v 17
Reflect on these words at the end of the day
Pray in response – and give God all the glory for His grace and favour

Celtic Devotions 2nd October


Reading :  Jeremiah 1 vs 11-19
Meditation :   consider God’s messages against Judah, His own people
Pray for understanding of God’s ways for His people
God of perfect truth and holiness
Help me
Help us
To learn from these verses
And to be the people You want us to be

Pray the prayer of the Kirk member this month
(see magazine or Prayer tab on website)

Reading :  Jeremiah 1 v 16
Reflect on Judah’s failures
Pray not to be like them 

Celtic Devotions 1st October


Reading :   Jeremiah 1 vs 1-10
Meditation :  consider how God called young Jeremiah and his response
And then Pray to be useful to God and to hear His calling to you
Thank you for calling Jeremiah to serve You
Call me
Help me
Use me
That You might have all the glory in and through even my life
Amen I pray this morning.

Pray for those who feel they have no hope or a future
Amen we pray together.

Reading :  Jeremiah 1 vs 7+8
Reflect on these verses and pray in response to your God