Link Groups

Weekly Groups

Friday Fellowship – meets weekly in the Kirk Centre on Friday mornings

We try to improve our knowledge of the Bible by reading our way slowly through a chosen book and discussing what it means. We believe it’s important to get to know each other better and to support one another, and we pray together, and of course have a cup of coffee. There are usually some laughs along the way!

Fortnightly Groups

Pathfinders – meets fortnightly on Tuesday evenings

We are a group of mixed ages and interests, who are keen to deepen our faith and our understanding of scripture through Bible reading, commentaries and inspiring books. We believe that as a group we should be triangular, looking always upwards to God, inwards in terms of fellowship and support and outward in give service where possible. We meet at times other than Tuesday evenings as the spirit guides us.

Thrive – meets fortnightly in the Kirk Centre on Wednesday evenings

Thrive is a group with worship, sharing, discussion and prayer; all with the intention of growing in our faith.  Current ‘thrivers’ have a wide age range and welcome new people.

New Habits – meets fortnightly on Wednesday evenings

New Habits are encouraging others to meet in the Kirk Centre, 7-9pm. We grew out of a recent Alpha course and meet together to pray with and for each other – as well as be constantly amazed at God’s outrageous grace to us.

Home & Away – meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings

People in this group are involved in different areas of service, ministry and mission outwith the group, so when we come together, it is a place to receive care, encouragement and prayer for these areas, along with growing together in our faith through bible study and fellowship, and having fun together. Hence the name – “Home (to care) and Away (to share)”.

The Cornerstone Group – meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings at 8pm

We are a friendly group, learning and praying together. Our aim is, through Bible study and thought-provoking discussion, to make Jesus the cornerstone of our lives. We all enjoy our fellowship and would welcome others joining us as we share our faith journey. (p.s. cat in residence).

Vista Group – meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings

We are a group of mixed ages. Our usual meeting place provides a wide vista of the city of Edinburgh and the sky above, symbolic of our desire to find a fresh view of God and the people around us. Our meetings centre around Bible study, in which we do not shy away from open discussions of challenging issues that come our way. Fellowship and sharing our experiences is an important part of our group life.

If you want to join one of these groups – where we meet together to grow upwardly, inwardly and outwardly – or just want more information, contact Rink van Dijke (  or Caroline Barlee (