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Monthly inspirational nature walks

I’m not sure about your experience with the “Living Stones Challenge” but most of my feeble planned attempts to spread The Good News to non-Christians seem to bounce off an invisible wall of scepticism, utter discomfort, if not contempt. It occurred to me, however, that I tend to have the most inspiring and enriching conversations during walks through nature. There is something magic about strolling through nature together – thoughts and conversations tend to flow more freely than within the confines of walls. Being in nature makes us automatically aware that we are part of something beautiful, something bigger. It invites us to reach beyond our immediate horizon. Jesus and the two disciples must have experienced this magic during their walk to Emmaus, when Jesus “walked” them through the events leading up to the crucifixion and when their confusion and disappointment turned into understanding and joy.
Andrea Wilson

We all know somebody who (we think) we will never get into a church but who shares our love for nature’s beauty and with whom we enjoy good conversations that may occasionally go beyond the usual every-day issues into life’s deeper mysteries.

If you enjoy walking through nature and one of your relatives, friends or neighbours meets the description above, our monthly walks may be something for you to consider:

From September 10th onwards, we will be starting monthly themed nature walks in the surroundings of Edinburgh. The main intention behind these walks is to give us a breathing space away from our busy everyday life, enjoy good company in an environment that awakens our spiritual side and fosters free and meaningful conversations.


Some general facts about these walks:

  • The walks will take place generally EVERY 2nd SATURDAY of the month.
  • Walks will vary in length between 2 hours to a full day.
  • Walks will alter between woodlands, hills, beach or through the city.
  • Walks will take place in any weather.
  • Walks will usually finish with refreshments or a meal.
  • Some walks will require driving to get there. But we will always have Liberton Kirk as a meeting point to ensure that people without cars can join in the walks.
  • The start time will vary depending on the location and length of the walk and the season. So please check the announcements in the church notices, Liberton Kirk website or emails (see more info below)
  • Try to bring a friend who is not part of Liberton Kirk

How to get involved:

  • Come and hike with us
  • Suggest or volunteer to lead a walk if you know of a nice place / nice activity
  • Spread the word and invite people to these walks
  • Most importantly, pray that these walks will bring people closer to God and to each other

How to find out about future walks:

Join the Thought & Trot email list or the What’s App group to receive regular emails about future walks.
Please email your contact details to or send SMS to David Devoy on 07779 936506.