Messy Church

We are now in our summer break!   Our next Messy Church  is on:

Saturday,  26th August 2017,  4pm – 6pm, in the Kirk Centre (on the opposite side of the road from the Kirk).    

Especially for families with children from 0 – 10

 What Liberton’s Messy Church is!

  • A church for young families to enjoy together.
  • A church that takes place once a month on Saturdays, at a time when most families have finished the things they have to do.
  • An opportunity to be part of a church family for people who can’t manage Sundays.
  • A fun time involving creativity, games (and mess!)
  • A worship time including songs, story, prayer, drama and suchlike.
  • A meal together.
  • We’ll keep you up to date with the events and other important details here and on our Facebook page.

At the last Messy Church

In May we had good fun, whether we were making things in the Recreation Hall, building in the Small Hall, building lego in the Foyer or playing outdoors in the Centre Court.     In the worship time we learned about Samuel, who lived many hundreds of years before Jesus.   His mum and dad had wanted a baby for years, and his mum Hannah prayed to God that this would happen.   When Samuel was born she was so delighted that she said she would give him back to God.   Samuel lived in the Temple in Shiloh, and helped Eli to look after it, because Eli was old and couldn’t see very well.

One night Eli and Samuel were both lying in their beds in the temple.   Then Samuel heard a voice calling his name.     He ran to Eli and said “Here I am; you called me.”   But Eli said that he hadn’t called and told Samuel to go back and lie down.   A little later he heard a voice calling “Samuel!”, and he got up and went to Eli and said “Here I am; you called me.”   Eli said “My son, I did not call; go back and lie down.”   For a third time Samuel heard a voice calling his name, and he went to Eli again and said “Here I am; you called me.”    Then Eli realised that it must be God calling Samuel, so he told him to lie down again.  He told him what to say If he heard a voice again calling his name.

Samuel went and lay down again and soon he heard “Samuel!  Samuel!”    Samuel said “Speak, for your servant is listening.”     God spoke to him then, and many times throughout his life, and told him what his plans were for his people.

Even though Samuel was just a young boy, God had plans for him.   All through Samuel’s life God was with him and spoke to him often.   He passed on God’s words to other people—he was what was called a prophet.       One day much later he was led by God to a young shepherd boy from Bethlehem called David, and he told him that God wanted him to be the next King.    He became King David, who was very famous in Bible stories.


The next Messy Church is on 26th August and we look forward to seeing you then.   No invitation needed, but if you’re a child you’ll need an adult, and if you’re an adult you’ll need a child!



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