The folks of Liberton Kirk have supported local Foodbank arrangements for some time.  Our present connection is with Tron Kirk, Moredun, where the congregation runs a Foodbank, in conjunction with Edinburgh City Mission.

Since the Coronavirus Lockdown, this Foodbank has supplied over 4610 Kg of food, for 520 people, up to 15 May 2020.  In the previous year during the same period the supply was  2200 Kg for 381 people.

Donations of food can be left in the Offering House – the small structure at the Gates of the Kirk – and these donations are transmitted weekly to the Tron Foodbank.  

Tinned meals, tomatoes, fruit and custard, along with UHT Milk are particularly welcome, along with other tinned food, rice and pasta.

Any donor wishing a special uplift, or wishing to make a donation (payable to Tron Kirk), can contact

David Lamb, 36 Liberton Drive, tel. 0131.664.3059 – email  – 

Cash or Cheque donations should be sent to the above address, and not left at the Offering House.