Summer Time-Out

As a Church we usually set aside a Tuesday each week and provide a place with space – the UPPER ROOM – a place for time-out in our busy days. This is a safe place, and COVID-19 guidelines are carefully followed.

However – the Upper Room is now on holiday until mid-August!
And some of us are taking time away over the next few weeks – at last!

However, it is good to continue to take time-out with God in these coming days and weeks.

* To find space to be still in a busy world
** To pause and pray with God – for yourself and for others
* To listen to God – Father Son and Holy Spirit – in these slower days and moments

So – why not plan to read a meaningful devotional book in this summer break?
Or have a notebook or journal nearby and record thoughts and dreams and prayers – and what God is saying to you at this time?

You are invited to take a meaningful walk…around the Pathway of Peace that will be available during July and August around the Kirk building.
We would invite you to take a walk around the Kirkyard and consider what God is saying to you at this time from the words displayed at various locations from the Bible…starting at the Offering House.
You are invited to use the bench at the top left of the Kirkyard (under the large tree) to pause and pray – to be still with God – to ask, seek, knock, wait and receive.
You are also reminded of the Prayer Wall available on the Kirk website under the Prayer tab – a place you can bring your prayers – and ask for prayer if appropriate.

The Daily Devotions will take us to the Psalms in July and August – and you may want to pray a psalm each day. This is available on the Kirk website blog and our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter from 7am- and in the church magazine.
And – don’t forget the brief Sunday morning Reflection at 8am…

Above all – make the most of summer time-out – for body, mind and spirit!

Y-ield/say Yes to God’s ways!

July Rhythm for Time-Out

As a Church we set aside a Tuesday each week and provided a place with space – the UPPER ROOM – a place for time-out. However in these times sadly it is not possible to open and run this space….at the moment. July would normally be our sabbatical month however from this rhythm.

But…..our Tuesdays – and every day – can still be an opportunity for time out…..with God…..where we are at home or work

You are invited to pause at some time during July and be still with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You are encouraged to speak with Him….to listen to Him.…to receive from Him…especially at this time as we seek to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in our times.

You are encouraged to visit the PATHWAY of PEACE around the Kirkyard which is open 8am-8pm during July and August and visit the prayer stations as you walk and think and reflect and pray in these days.

Peace Pathway Poster 2020

You are invited to share in the Midday Prayers and Evening Prayers that will be posted online at 12noon and 9pm on various days on the Kirk website and on our social media pages. We are also encouraged to pray with others in our city and across our land at 5pm….focussing on all those affected by the coronavirus.

You are invited to pray with others in our Church family as we journey through this week together…..and to listen for what God is saying to us in these particular days of 2020….You may wish to visit the Kirk for Private Prayer when the building is open 2-4pm on a Sunday afternoon.