April – Now the green blade riseth

Now the green blade riseth

As I write this mid-March, it is snowing again. What a winter we have had, and it has been very difficult for many people. Now April has arrived, and we are appreciating the spring flowers and the increased warmth. We have also celebrated Easter, and the move from darkness to life with the resurrection.

We have continued our Easter tradition at Liberton Kirk of decorating the bare Christmas crosses with beautiful yellow daffodils – transforming the whole space into one of light, energy and new growth. I was just listening to an item on the radio this morning about a chemical in daffodils which can help dementia sufferers – what an amazing thought, and such a wonderful gift from our loving creative God.

Easter is always seen as a time of new beginnings. There is a favourite hymn of our family, which became especially meaningful to my mother-in- law, following the death of her husband 17 years ago at this time of year.

“Now the green blade riseth from the buried grain,
wheat that in dark earth many days has lain,
love lives again that with the dead has been,
love is come again,
like wheat that springeth green
When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain,
Thy touch can call us back to kife again,
Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been,
Love is come again
Like wheat that springeth green”
(John Macleod Campbell Crum)

This April, let us embrace this idea of new beginnings, and rededicate ourselves to this Jesus, who loves us so much more than we love ourselves.

Much love,

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