six30 evening worship

Every Sunday at 6.30pm for tea and coffee, service at 7pm.

Music, Information & Stimulation

Date Events Theme Speaker Worship
5-Jan Joint Service at LN – BIG Idea Brad Laing John
12-Jan Essentials 1 – Creation John Young Susan
19-Jan Essentials 2 – The Fall Douglas Reid John
26-Jan Essentials 3 – The Flood Nikki Kirkland Susan
2-Feb Youth Youth Paul Friend John
9-Feb Essentials 4 – God’s Covenant with Noah David Hill Susan
16-Feb Essentials 5 – The Tower of Babel Nikki Kirkland John
23-Mar Essentials 6 – God’s Covenant with Abram John Young Susan
1-Mar Youth Youth Kenny McCartney John
8-Mar Essentials 7 – Abraham and Isaac John Young Susan
15-Mar Essentials 8 – Jacob and Esau compete Douglas Reid Susan
22-Mar Essentials 9 – Jacob and Esau reconcile Nikki Kirkland John
29-Mar Essentials 10 – Joseph sold into Slavery Douglas Reid John