Prayer Triplets

As a Church we have been focussing on the theme of Prayer during 2021.

Our Sunday sermons and Daily Devotions have been looking mainly at this subject – and our prayer lives as individuals and a Church Family. It has been both encouraging and challenging! A good number of us also took time earlier in the year to do the Prayer Course from 24-7 Prayer with Pete Greig. The video series on YouTube and his book are truly recommended!

The Prayer Team at LK have been praying on during 2021 and at recent meetings together spent time considering the idea of Prayer Triplets. Some of us in the church family are already in such a small group.

We would like to invite all in the Church Family to consider this venture – but there is no pressure if it is not for you!

The idea?
To meet with 2 other believers as often as you need – weekly/fortnightly/monthly – preferably in person or via Zoom or Skype or other means – and share in prayer support for each other and others.
To keep a prayer journal and record your requests and God’s answers.
To encourage each other to grow in our prayer lives and experience God’s Kingdom will.

Please do prayerfully consider it all as we step into a new season of life and work together.
Ask God if there are 1 or 2 others you can prayerfully support/encourage at this time.
Give it a try for a period of time – 3 months?
Be open to being asked by others to join with them.

Please do ask any member of the Prayer Team for further help.
In particular Claire Hill/Fidelis/Lindsay/Alastair have experience in a Prayer Triplet.