A Tuesday Invitation or Three

You are invited to the Upper Room…
As a Church we usually set aside a Tuesday each week and provide a place with space – the UPPER ROOM – a place for time-out in our busy days. In these weeks and months of lockdown 2021 it was not possible to open and run this space…….but this Tuesday it is!!

* A space to be still in a busy world – in the room above the Kirkgate Cafe 7.30am-7.30pm
** Private prayer for yourself and for others
* Listening to God – Father Son and Holy Spirit
** Opportunities to pause and pray with others at 8am…12 midday…7pm

You are invited to take a walk…
You are encouraged to take some exercise by the Government..and we would invite you to take a walk around the Kirkyard and consider what God is saying to you at this time from the words displayed from JOHN 3.

The Word for Today 11 – Stations

You are invited to Thy Kingdom Come 2021…
A global opportunity to pray with other believers for the Kingdom of God to be experienced afresh in our day.

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