Daily Devotions for Saturday 29th October, 2022

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : ROMANS 16 verses 17-20

Meditation : take the time to consider these final words of instruction this Saturday morning.
I urge you….
Which words stay with you as your day starts?
What is God teaching you about His ways today?

And then take time to Pray in response to this God

Amen we pray together this new day


Pray the Prayer for the Month as your own midday prayer

O God of mercy and amazing grace
Thank you for all you have given us
In Christ Jesus

O God of love and saving grace
Thank you for all you are doing in us
Through Christ Jesus

O God of help and wondrous grace
Equip us to serve you in this world
For Christ Jesus

For yours is due all the glory and honour
Praises and worship
Because of Christ Jesus

Amen and Amen

Reading : read the verses again from ROMANS 16 verses 17-20
Reflect on Paul’s words…. and then Pray in response to what you have read
His God is our God

The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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