Daily Devotions for Saturday 18th February, 2023

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : MATTHEW 12 verses 33-37
Meditation : take the time to consider these particular words this Saturday morning.
A Tree and its Fruit.
What are you encouraged and challenged by from God’s written Word today?
What is your response?

And then take time to Pray in response to this God, our God.
Pray to be fruitful – even today.

Amen we pray together this new day.

Pray the Prayer for the Month as your own midday prayer

Dear Lord,
Matthew teaches us that You care intensely about people.
Most notably those who are on the margin of society; the aged, the blind,
The infirm, the psychotic, and even those
whom we would naturally distrust.
Give us encouragement and grace to follow Your example,
at we may show Your Glory in our lives.

Reading : read the verses again from MATTHEW 12 verses 33-37
Reflect on the truths behind the words…. and then Pray in response to what you have read

Examine me, O God, and know my mind;
test me, and discover my thoughts.
Find out if there is any evil in me
and guide me in the everlasting way

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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