Daily Devotions for Saturday 18th November, 2023

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : JOHN chapter 20 verses 19-23
Meditation : take the time to consider these particular words this Saturday morning.
Jesus appears to His disciples!

As you imagine the scene….what do you see?
What is your response?

And then take time to Pray in response to this Jesus
Looking again at verses 21 and 22

O Lord Jesus
Risen Lord!
I believe
We believe
I receive
We receive
Send us out!

Pray the Prayer for the Month as your own Midday Prayer

Prayer for November (look at John 16 v 33 & 17 vs 9-11)

O Lord you have said that we would have troubles in this world,
but, You have overcome the world.
Keep us, therefore, in your grace as you have promised.

Reading : read the verses again from JOHN 20 verses 19-23
Reflect on the truths behind the words…. and then Pray in response to what you have read
Looking again at Jesus’ words in verses 21 and 22

O Lord Jesus
Risen Lord!
I believe
I receive
Send me out

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