Celtic Devotions 9th October


Reading :  Jeremiah 4 vs 19-22
Meditation :  consider God’s pain conveyed through Jeremiah
pray for understanding of truth and to please God
Father God
Help us to see Your heart
Of love and anger
Of mercy and hurt
And help us to live this day to please You.
Amen we say this morning together.

Pray a blessing on parents and families in the church and in Liberton

Reading :  Jeremiah 4 v 19
Reflect on Jeremiah’s pain
And Pray in response

Celtic Devotions 8th October


Reading :   Jeremiah 3 v22 – 4 v2
Meditation :   consider what causes us to backslide in our Christian faith
Pray to be faithful and humble
(Pray your own words
Of confession
Of trust
Of need)
Amen and amen we say together.

Pray to be more like Jesus, doing the Father’s will above all

Reading :  Jeremiah 3 v 22
Reflect on these words at the end of the day and pray to God in response

Celtic Devotions 7th October


Reading :  Jeremiah 3 vs 6-16
Meditation :  consider how God calls us to be faithful to Him –
and  pray for ‘stickability’ as a follower of Jesus
Living and Faithful God,
Help me understand these words
And what You require of Your people.
Help me to be faithfully yours
By the help of the Holy Spirit
Even today,
In Jesus’ name I ask,   Amen.

Pray a blessing on all those who work in places near to the Kirk
Amen we pray together

Reading :  Jeremiah 3 vs 12+13
Reflect on God’s mercy and pray your evening prayer in response

Celtic Devotions 6th October


Reading :  Jeremiah 2 vs 26-37
Meditation :  consider Judah’s choice of gods – why would God’s people do that??
Pray in response to be faithful to the LORD and be rid of any false gods
These are heavy words – yet truthful.
Help me,
Help us,
To live in Your ways
Even this day
And to have NO other god in our heart or home.
Amen we pray.

Pray for all pupils and staff in Liberton schools

Reading :  Jeremiah 2 vs 35+36
Reflect on these verses at the end of your day and pray in response

Celtic Devotions 5th October


Reading :  Jeremiah 2 vs 1-13
Meditation : consider how we often wander away from God
Pray in response to walk more closely with Jesus, by His Spirit
Lord Jesus –
I read these words
And I know I have not followed You as I should
Help me
Strengthen me
Even today
To keep in step with Your Spirit
And not wander away or be distracted.
Amen I humbly pray.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer as your own midday prayer
(words can be found under Prayer tab on website)

Reading :  Jeremiah 2 vs 5+6
Reflect on what God says here… and pray ….