Daily Devotions for February 27th, 2020

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Father God

Reading : JOHN chapter 3 verse 16

Meditation : take time and consider these significant words this morning.
Wonderful love!

Then pause to pray for others known to you at this time

O LORD, hear our prayers
As we thank you for such a wonderful gift of love!
As we call out to you for our world in these days!
In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Pray God’s blessing on the work of Bethany Christian Trust
God of Love…hear our prayers and pour a blessing we ask on each and all

Reading : read these particular words again slowly from JOHN 3.16
Reflect on the words – at the end of your day
and Pray in response to this God – our God who sent Jesus

O LORD, receive our thanks
As we call on you to send your saving gace
To those we name before you.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Daily Devotions for February 26th, 2020

First day of LENT

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God

Reading : JOHN 3 verse 5

Meditation : take time to consider what Jesus is saying here.
What are you challenged and encouraged by this morning?
How would you describe your relationship with the Living God?

Then take the time to Pray to this God, our God of new birth.
Look again at the verse as you turn to prayer

In Jesus’ Name

Pray God’s blessing on the work of Edinburgh City Mission
O LORD God, have mercy on each and all and bless this work we ask.

Reading : read this verse again from JOHN 3
Reflect on the words…. And then pray to the LORD our God

Hear our evening prayers, O God, as this day ends.
We believe and trust in You and lay ourselves before You.
As we name others new to Christian living
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Lent Rhythm of Prayer and Devotion

As you step into the season of Lent tomorrow what will be your rhythm of Prayer and Devotion?

There are several avenues to follow at this time and the following websites/apps are worth considering..

Bible Society
J John
Lectio 365

The Kirk Daily Devotions are also available each morning at 7am, Midday and in the Evening. These Devotions are available online and on social media as well as the church magazine.

May you experience Lenten blessings as you journey towards Easter itself.

Daily Devotions for Tuesday 25th February, 2020

Upper Room day and Evening Gathering for Prayer as we focus on World Mission

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Jesus, Saviour and Lord

Reading : JOHN 1 verses 32-34

Meditation : take time and consider this passage this morning.
What words or images stay with you?
What are you encouraged and challenged by today?

Pray in response to what you have read
Taking time to pause and listen for God’s answer to you

O Lord
Speak to us
Speak to me
By name
And help me hear
What the Spirit is saying in these days
To me
To my family
To my Church
In Jesus’ name,

Take time to listen for God to speak with you at this time of day
Ask, seek, knock….hear!
Father God…thank you.

Reading : read the set verses again
Reflect on the words…. and then Pray….to the LORD our God
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God of yesteryear, our God of today,
We bring our evening worship to you
As we lay ourselves and our families before you
As we acknowledge what you are saying to us at this time
Through the Holy Spirit
In Jesus’ name.
Amen and Amen.