Thursday Evening Prayer with Others

As we journey through this week….. with God – together – you may want to revisit today’s Daily Devotions from MATTHEW chapter 5 verse 4– as we start to consider TELLING OTHERS THE GOOD NEWS about Jesus through 2023.

We PAUSE with the Lord in prayer as the day closes

We REJOICE in the help and blessings He has given this particular Thursday – to us and to others

We ASK for His presence, peace and strength – for ourselves and for others in our church family and our nation and in our world at this time

We YIELD – say Yes – to His Kingdom ways for tomorrow

Midday Prayer for Ukraine

We pause with others around the world
To Pray for Ukraine

O God of Peace give Peace
O God of Comfort give Comfort
O God of Help give Help
O God of Courage give Courage
O God of Truth give Truth and Justice

We call out together
In Jesus’ name, Amen

Prayer for this Monday

On this particular day…the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II…we pause and pray with others around the world…especially for her family as they journey through this day.

O LORD God, Father God, our God
Give comfort
And strength
And help
And peace
We ask together
In Jesus’ name

Tuesday Midday Prayer – with Others

You are invited to pause and pray with those gathered in the Upper Room today and those attending Betty Boyle’s funeral

P-ause with God
R-ejoice in His blessings given
A-sk for God’s comfort and peace and strength for Chris and his family at this time
Y-ield to His Kingdom ways