Bible Verse for the week and Easter Sunday Morning Reflection

The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

1 Corinthians 15 verse 26

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The link to this morning’s – from John – is below….Easter Sunday!

Thy Kingdom Come – JOY – Cheeky Pandas!

As we move onward towards the global prayer venture Thy Kingdom Come 2024….so we keep praying!!

Each Sunday at Midday we are re-visiting the daily themes from 2023 – including the Cheeky Pandas for a few weeks for the younger members of our Church Family!

On this Easter Sunday…here is a video about JOY – the drum machine!

Daily Devotions for Easter Sunday 31st March, 2024

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from the Living God

Reading : 1 CORINTHIANS 15 verses 12-34
We take time to consider these words of truth and hope this particular morning ….
Our resurrection!

And then pray in response to this God of ours

Thine be the glory risen conquering Son!
He is Lord! He is Lord!
He’s my Lord.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen and Amen and Amen we pray with great hope!

Pray the Prayer for the Month as your own midday prayer

Our God
Father God
Thank you
For sending Jesus

Lord Jesus
Our Saviour
Thank you
For taking our place

Amen and Amen

Reading : read these words again from 1 CORINTHIANS 15 verses 12-34
Reflect on these truths behind the words and then Pray in response at the end of your day

O LORD, our Great Hope,
We bring our evening sacrifice of praise to you
For who you are
As we acknowledge You our Help even this Easter day.
As we name others in need
As we pray for the Church in all corners of our world
To live and speak of this Risen Jesus.
In His saving name, Amen.