Daily Devotions for Saturday 20th May, 2017


Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : 1 Peter 1 verse 22 – ch.2 verse 3

Meditation : consider these particular verses again.

What is God saying to you afresh from them this morning?
What is your response to Him?   

and Pray in response – to this eternal and pure God

O Eternal God,
Thank you for your written Word.
O Hear my morning prayer
And by Your Spirit’s help
Make me a person more and more like Jesus.
Amen we pray together this new day.


Pray God’s blessing on the Church of Scotland Assembly starting today
LORD, hear our prayers we ask and let your Spirit fall.


Reading : read the passage again

Reflect again on the words and then Pray in response to what you read
LORD God, our God, hear our prayers at the end of this day.

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