Daily Devotions for Thursday 23rd June, 2022

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Father God

Reading : ROMANS 8 verse 32

Meditation : take time and consider these words this morning.
God gave us His Son.
What do these words mean for you at this time?

Then pause to praise and pray to this gracious and mighty God

All your creatures, LORD, will praise you,
and all your people will give you thanks.
They will speak of the glory of your royal power
and tell of your might,
so that everyone will know your mighty deeds
and the glorious majesty of your kingdom.
Your rule is eternal,
and you are king forever.
The LORD is faithful to his promises;
he is merciful in all his acts.
He helps those who are in trouble;
he lifts those who have fallen.

And so we bring our sacrifice of praise to you, our God
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pray God’s blessing on research work being done by Leprosy Mission at this time
God of grace…hear our prayers and pour a blessing we ask on this work

Reading : read these words again from ROMANS 8 verse 32
Reflect on the words and images – at the end of your day
and Pray with praise in response to this God – our God

People will speak of your mighty deeds,
and I will proclaim your greatness.
They will tell about all your goodness
and sing about your kindness.
The LORD is loving and merciful,
slow to become angry and full of constant love.
He is good to everyone
and has compassion on all he made.

O LORD, hear our evening prayers
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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