Daily Devotions for Friday 23rd September, 2022

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Jesus

Reading : ROMANS 12 verse 9

Meditation : take time and consider all that is said here in this short verse.
Love. Hate.
What is God teaching/reminding you?

And then Pray with honest words to this God of ours in response

Forgive me
Help me
Even today
Amen – we pray together.

Pray God’s blessing on the work done by Crossreach
Father God, hear our prayers and bless this venture real good we ask

Reading : read this verse again from ROMANS 12 verse 9
Reflect on the words written here and pray in response to the LORD our God

Forgive me this evening
Help me
Even tomorrow
Have mercy on our world
Amen – we pray together.

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