Daily Devotions for Friday 2nd December, 2022

hear and receive from Jesus

Reading : ISAIAH chapter 9 verses 1-7

Meditation : consider these great words of promise this morning.
Great joy.
A child is born!
Wonderful Counsellor
Which words stay with you?
What is God saying to you today?

And then Pray in response – as God leads you
Pray with confidence to our God to bless others in His Church in these days
Giving comfort and hope

Amen – we pray together.

Pray God’s blessing on our city and national leaders
Father God, hear our prayers, have mercy and give wisdom we ask.

Reading : read this passage again from ISAIAH chapter 9 verses 1-7
Reflect on the words you have just read and pray in response

Lord Jesus, hear our evening prayers as we respond to these words
And bring comfort and hope to those in need this evening we ask.

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