Daily Devotions for Saturday 7th January, 2023

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : MATTHEW chapter 4 verses 18-22

Meditation : take time to consider these verses this morning.
Jesus chooses four Fishermen.

What encourages and challenges you today?
What is God saying to you from His Word?
Is He calling you to do something for Him?

And then Pray in response
To be more like Jesus
Even today

LORD Jesus
I look up to you,
Up to heaven, where you are.

Hear my morning prayer
Hear the morning prayers of your people

As we live and talk and serve in this world

In Jesus’ name.

Pray the Prayer for the Month as your own midday prayer

Dear Jesus, to each other we have given our gifts of love
When we celebrated your birth.
But the wise men brought gifts
Showing Your Kingship,
The bitterness of life,
And the embalming in death.
Help us to remember that You came Purposefully
To exchange Your Life for ours.

Reading : read these verses again from MATTHEW chapter 4 verses 18-22
Reflect on these words as you look back over the day and then Pray in response

I look up to you,
Up to heaven, where you rule.

Hear my evening prayer
Hear the evening prayers of your people

As we have lived and talked and served through this day

In Jesus’ name.

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