Daily Devotions for Thursday 17th February, 2022

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Father God

Reading : ROMANS 13 verses 11-14

Meditation : take time and consider this part of the chapter this morning.
Duties towards One Another
What is God teaching/reminding you today?
What words stays with you?

Then pray in response to this God of ours

Praying for others known to you in our Church Family at this time
Praying for others in your own family
Praying for neighbours and colleagues and friends

In Jesus’ name
Amen and amen!

Pray God’s blessing on the work of Christian Aid in our world
Father God…hear our prayers and bless this work we ask.


Reading : read this passage again from ROMANS 13 verses 11-14

Reflect on these verses at the end of your day
and Pray in response to God

O LORD, hear our evening prayers
As we return our thanks to you
For all your good gifts to us!
For everyone who has enriched my life
For those I will meet tomorrow
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pause to Pray for Others

On this last day of the month…as the nation and the world still wrestles with the new variant and vaccine supplies…and other points of crisis and concern are before us in our nation and our world … you are invited to pause and continue to pray with others in our city and across the nation…to the LORD our God, our Father God.

You are encouraged to continue to pray for all those affected by the coronavirus – in our community, in our nation and in our world – and for parts of the world in turmoil at this time – including Afghanistan and Ukraine

For family and friends and neighbours

For the work of Christian Aid to be salt and light in our world

For NHS and Care Home staff across the nation

For our country and world leaders at this time

Tuesday Time-Out

As a Church we usually set aside a Tuesday each week and provide a place with space – the UPPER ROOM – a place for time-out in our busy days above the Kirkgate Cafe. This is a safe place, and COVID-19 guidelines are carefully followed.
Please do remember to take a lateral flow test before you come out…..face coverings and social distancing please.

As we journey further into this New Year, the Upper Room will be open this Tuesday 7.30am-7.30pm – and perhaps this will be a place for you to visit – for the first time?

* To find a quiet space to be still in a busy world
** To pause and pray with God – for yourself and for others at this time in your week
* To listen to God – Father Son and Holy Spirit – in these slower days and moments

There will be opportunities to pause and pray with others – at 8am – 12 noon – 7pm – and John and those who gather will be glad to share these with you.

You are invited to use the bench at the top left of the Kirkyard (under the large tree – weather permitting) to pause and pray – to be still with God – to ask, seek, knock, wait and receive.

Complementing our recent WORLD MISSION service, the Offering House will have a display of the breadth of the church’s missionary interests across our European, African and Asian Partners. It will remain up there until 20th February, so, take the opportunity to visit (it will be open daily) and become better informed so as to PRAY more effectively for our contacts around the world.

You are also reminded of the Prayer Wall available on the Kirk website under the Prayer tab – a place you can bring your prayers – and ask for prayer from the Prayer Team if appropriate. At this time of new coronavirus cases you may want to add your own prayer for our world at this time.

The Daily Devotions are taking us to a daily time of considering God’s Good News with God’s written Word in the book of ROMANS – and you may want to pause to pray with others at the start of each day. This is available on the Kirk website blog and our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter from 7am- and in the church magazine.
And – don’t forget the brief Sunday morning Reflection at 8am…

May we each and all experience time-out with the Living and True God – whenever – wherever – as we journey through these days of 2022.

Daily Devotions for Monday 31st January, 2022

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : ROMANS 7 verses 1-6

Meditation : take time and consider these words this Sunday morning.
An Illustration.
What is God saying to you today from His written Word?

Then Pray with your own words to God in response

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Pray God’s blessing on your neighbours in 2022
God of grace and mercy and rich blessing, hear our prayers we ask.

Reading : read these verses again from ROMANS 7 verses 1-6

Reflect on what you read and then give praise to our God in response

The LORD takes pleasure in his people;
he honours the humble with victory.
Let God’s people rejoice in their triumph
and sing joyfully all night long.

And so to you, O God, we bring our evening words of prayer
In Jesus’ name, Amen