Thy Kingdom Come – 2023

As a Church we have been a part of the global prayer venture Thy Kingdom Come – each year over the 11 days leading up to and including Pentecost. TKC announced this week……..

The team are so excited to be back and well under way with planning for Thy Kingdom Come 2023, with some new changes ahead!

Through prayer and discernment, as Thy Kingdom Come goes into its 8th year, we are introducing several significant changes, to bring new life and in response to the current context we live in.

The need across the world for the transforming power and mercy of God is more stark than ever. How can we partner with God, in prayer and mission, to see more people encounter the love of Christ this year?

Firstly, we have introduced new daily themes for our resources. These themes focus on the character of God –‘Our Father in Heaven’ – the One to whom we are petitioning and inviting people to know, to love and to serve.

Secondly, this year we’re introducing a new sub-theme ‘Living the Kingdom’. Whilst Thy Kingdom Come will always have its focus as a call to prayer for evangelisation we want to invite participants to go one step further.

Mission always comes from the place of prayer, so how can we in this time go the extra mile, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to love and serve those we are praying for or others who are in need? This is about living the Kingdom – individually and corporately- in our context.

Finally, returning to the early days of TKC, we are sensing a call for Christians to gather together (in-person where possible) and collaborate ecumenically locally, regionally and nationally- being a truly united witness to the world.

It is never too early to be praying for God’s Kingdom Rule to be evident in our lives, our Church, our city, our nation, our world……will you be a part of this…

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