Pathway Tuesday Time-Out Meg’s

As we journey through these closing days of July 2023….

At Liberton Kirk we usually set aside a Tuesday each week and provide a place with space – the UPPER ROOM – a place for time-out in our busy days above the Kirkgate Cafe. This is a safe place for you to be.

The Upper Room will NOT be open this Tuesday – the Room will not re-open until Tuesday 8th August. HOWEVER Meg Milne is opening her home on Tuesdays 11, 18 and 25 July – to provide space and time for reflection, sharing and Midday prayers with others – 11.30am – 2.30pm. You are very welcome to come along – 161 Alnwickhill Road…..please do let Meg or Alastair know if you are planning to be there.

* A space for you to be still in a busy world
** To pause and pray with God at this time – the God of all comfort, wisdom, mercy and hope
* To listen to God – Father Son and Holy Spirit – in these times

You are also invited to walk round the Kirk, pondering some of the words laid out at the various stations from the Bible on our Pathway of Peace……or to visit the Offering House – beside the gates – 8am-5pm each day – there are several helpful reflections and prayers – and helpful leaflets and booklets about our faith and our Kirk. There is also a Prayer Request Box situated here for you to leave your own personal requests – our Prayer Team will prayerfully support those you name.

Our Prayer Team also invite you to Prayer for Healing – a safe place with a small trained team. If you wish someone to pray with/for you about anything over the summer weeks please do contact Alastair, Hazel or Susan.

You are also encouraged to use the bench at the top left of the Kirkyard (under the large tree – weather permitting!) to pause and pray – to be still with God – to ask, seek, knock, wait and receive.

The Daily Devotions have been taking us to a daily time of considering God’s Good News with God’s written Word – and you may want to pause to pray with others at the start of each day as we consider the truths behind the words of this part of the Bible. During July our focus will be on Luke’s Gospel as we continue on the theme of Telling Others the Good News . This is available on the Kirk website blog and our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter from 7am- and in the church magazine.

And – don’t forget the brief Sunday morning Reflection at 8am…….and the Thy Kingdom Come global prayer venture daily reflections on our YouTube channel….from members of our Church Family providing a reflection over the 11 days period. This year the venture ran 18-28 May. Will you still be praying for 5??

May we each and all experience time-out with the Living and True God – whenever – wherever – as we journey through the month of July 2023.

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