Celtic Devotions 16th April


Reading :   1 John 1
Meditation :  consider Jesus, who lived on earth and
Pray to walk in the light like Him
Thank you merciful God for sending Jesus.
Thank you forgiving God for your plan of salvation in Him.
Help me to live more like Him
Even through this day – Amen I pray.

Pray for Jesus to use you to reach out to help others.

Reading : 1 John 1 vs 8-10
Reflect on these words and pray in confession

Celtic Devotions 15th April


Reading : Isaiah 65 vs 17 -25
Meditation :  consider why God needs to make a new heaven and a new earth and
Pray for a new vision of God at work
Gracious and Powerful LORD God,
Thank you for this world and these skies.
We hope in you for something even better in the future
As you have promised here in these words.
Amen we humbly pray.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer as your prayer.

Reading : Isaiah 65 v 24
Reflect on these amazing words of promise and pray your evening prayer

Celtic Devotions 14th April


Reading :  Psalm 133
Meditation :  consider the blessing unity brings to God’s people
Pray for all churches in our city – that we be one in Christ
God of the Church, thank you for our church.
God of the Church, bless all of our city churches.
God of the Church, use these our churches
In our community, our city, our world.
As one.
Amen and Amen we cry.

Pray for those who work among children and young people at LK

Reading : Psalm 133
Reflect on what encourages or prevents unity and pray in response.

Celtic Devotions 12th April


Reading :   John 20 vs 19-31
Meditation :  consider our resurrected Lord
Pray to Him in praise
Thank you Jesus that you are very much alive!
Hear our morning prayers of praise to you.
And help us to celebrate you
Even as many of us gather together
Amen we say together.

Pray a blessing on Ruth who was preaching today.

Reading : John 20 vs 24-29
Reflect on Thomas’ experience and pray to believe and not to doubt
Lord Jesus
Hear my cry
And help me believe it all
Even at the end of this day.
Amen and amen.

Celtic Devotions 11th April


Reading : 1 Corinthians 15 vs 35-58
Meditation :  consider ‘the resurrection body’
Pray for understanding
‘God of Promise and God of Hope,
who through your great mercy  have granted us new birth
through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
we praise your wonderful name on this new day!
God of Glory and God of Might
who through your great power have granted us new strength
to endure all things through faith in Christ our risen King,
teach us afresh the wonders of Your Word.
In Jesus’ name we ask.  Amen’

Say nothing – take time to listen to God to speak with you at this time of the day.

Reading : 1 Corinthians 15 vs 39-41
Reflect on these words by Paul and
Pray your words of response – in faith and hope!