Evening Prayer with Others

As we journey through this week….. with God – together – and the season of Lent starting today – you may want to revisit today’s Daily Devotions from MATTHEW chapter 13 verses 44-52– as we start to consider TELLING OTHERS THE GOOD NEWS about Jesus through 2023.

We PAUSE with the Lord in prayer as the day closes

We REJOICE in the help and blessings He has given this particular Wednesday – to us and to others

We ASK for His presence, peace and strength – for ourselves and for others in our church family and our nation and in our world at this time – especially prayerfully supporting the people of Turkey and Syria, Ukraine and other parts of our world in deep need at this time

We YIELD – say Yes – to His Kingdom ways for tomorrow

Daily Devotions for Thursday 13th October, 2022

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Father God

Reading : ROMANS 14 verses 16-19

Meditation : take time and consider this part of the chapter this morning.
The Kingdom of God
What is God teaching/reminding you?
What words stay with you?

And then pray in response – as your day starts

Pray your own words of faith and trust to the LORD our God.
Thanking. Asking.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pray God’s blessing on the work of Bethany Christian Trust
Father God…hear our prayers and bless this work in our nation we ask.

Reading : read this words again from ROMANS 14 verses 16-19
Reflect on the verses at the end of your day
and Pray in response to God – with your words of faith and trust

O LORD our King, hear our evening prayers
As we return our thanks to you
For all your good gifts to us
For our trust and hope is in you
And your Kingdom ways
In Jesus’ name, Amen.