Celtic Devotions 29th January ’16

Pray to hear and receive from God
Reading :  Genesis 46 vs1-7, and 26 – ch.47 v12
Meditation :   consider how God brought this family together again, after many years apart
and then pray to this God who made it happen
O LORD God of this story, of this family in history
Our God of grace and compassion,
Who hears our cry for mercy.
Thank you for what we read.
We call out to You for our nation, our city, our families, our own lives –
Flood each one with Your goodness.
Today, tomorrow and forever!
We ask, according to Your amazing grace and mercy,  Amen.

Pray for Edinburgh to experience God’s saving grace
O LORD, our God, hear our cry!

Reading :  Genesis 47 vs 2-4
Reflect on these brothers meeting Pharaoh, after all they had done
then Pray to the God of undeserving mercy and great provision!
O LORD, hear our prayers and receive our praise!