Celtic Devotions 21st February ’16


Pray to hear and receive from Father God
Reading : Psalm 24 verses 3 and 4
Meditation : take time to consider these verses this morning on your journey with God…

Pray in response
LORD God, King of all glory,
As we open our hearts to You this morning
Help us to see You – glorious and majestic!
Help us to rejoice and be glad in You
And to fear You aright in our faith
That You might shine on us anew – even by knowing more of Your truth.
Amen and amen we pray together.


Pray for your Big Issue
Father God, hear our prayers 


Reading : Psalm 119 verse 135

Ponder on these words…. and pray to this God!
LORD God, our great God,
For all of today
I thank You.
As I put my trust and hope in You alone,
Even for those things that cause me fear and concern at the end of this day
Help me to rest in Your unfailing love and on Your faithful Word
And that You have not forgotten even me.
In Jesus’ powerful name, Amen.