Daily Devotions for Saturday 9th September, 2017

Messy in the Park afternoon


Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : ACTS 2 verses 42-47

Meditation : consider what is said here and the early days in the Church.
What words stay with you? What is God saying to you today?

And then Pray in response to their God, our God 

O God,
Of then and now
Of new birth and Church growth
Of wonders and signs
Thank you!
Thank you!
O God, our God,
Show and teach us
How to live and be
So that you are praised
And others are added – even daily!

In Jesus’ name,   Amen!


Pray God’s blessing on your church leaders
And on the Messy in the Park event this afternoon

O LORD, bless them all real good we ask!


Reading : read these verses again at the end of your day

Reflect on the truths given here…. and then Pray in response
For your church family to know more Acts 2 blessings.

LORD God, our God, hear our evening prayers, as we thank you for today.
In Jesus’ name,   Amen.

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