Daily Devotions for Saturday 1st August, 2020

Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Jesus.

Reading : PSALM 101

Meditation : take time to consider these words this Saturday morning.
A king’s promise.
What is God saying to you today from His Word about Himself?

Pray in response to the God of Psalm 101
Looking again at verses 3-5 as you turn to prayer

Our God
Mighty and Holy One,
Receive our praise
Hear our prayers
And keep us on the right path we ask
As you walk with us this day
In Jesus’ name,


Pray the Prayer for the Month as your midday prayer

As we consider being “fearfully and wonderfully made” in Your image God, we think of what makes us special. Our five physical senses which enable us to experience joy, pleasure, and wonderment, at your creation Also, we, like you, have knowledge, understanding and wisdom.
Most of all our heavenly father you have imbued us with love, that deep sense of care and empathy which raises us above your creation.
We receive your love to dispense your love, may we continue to do so in Jesus name. Amen

Reading : read this PSALM again as your day closes

Reflect prayerfully on the words and images ….. and then Pray in response
Especially for others in need of receiving forgiveness at this time

Spirit of the Living God, hear our evening prayers at the end of this day
And be with those we name before you.
In Jesus’ saving name, Amen.

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