TEARFUND Christmas Concert

Liberton Kirk is delighted to be hosting a concert on Friday 20th December at 7.30pm.
This has been arranged by the BIG IDEA group of churches and will feature the New Scottish Hymns Band for TEARFUND’s annual Christmas Concerts tour.

Come, all ye faithful, and join the celebration in an evening of festive cheer with beautiful acoustic carols and original songs.

Tickets are now available from Alastair Cameron or your Big Idea church representative and can be purchased/ordered at £6 each. Sign up sheets are at the West Door Welcome Desk or you can contact him at alastairfree@gmail.com
Tickets are also available online from TEARFUND.ORG/SCOTLANDCHRISTMAS at £7.06.

Save the Date

Coming this December: Christmas carols in support of Tearfund Scotland

Liberton Kirk, 20th December 2019

This advent season, Tearfund Scotland are coming to Liberton Kirk with the New Scottish Hymn Band as part of their annual Christmas Concert tour. An evening of festive cheer with beautiful acoustic carols and original songs is in store for you. So don’t forget to save the date and join in the celebration!

New Scottish Hymns Band is a gospel-hearted music ministry, influenced by Scottish folk melodies and the best of traditional hymn-writing. Their passion is for the church to have more songs that help people from different backgrounds and cultures unite under a common theme: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency. It works in around 50 countries, with a primary focus on supporting those in poverty and providing disaster relief for disadvantaged communities.