Daily Devotions for 12th September, 2017

Upper Room Day and Pram Praise afternoon!


Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from Jesus, Saviour and Lord

Reading : ACTS 4 verses 1-12

Meditation : take time to consider what is said here.
Ponder over verse 12 again.
What is God saying to you today and what is your response? 

Take time to Pray in response

Lord Jesus,
I believe
Help my unbelief….Even now as I read these words
And make me a person who speaks up for you – even today.

In Your name I ask, Amen.


Take time to listen for God to speak with you at this time of day

LORD and God, thank you.


Reading : read these 12 verses again

Reflect….on the words and events and then Pray in response to Father God

O God who spoke out through Peter,
Hear my evening prayer in Jesus’ name.


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