Drive-in cancelled

Dear all

Sadly we have had to cancel Sunday evening due to the Tier 3 restrictions still in place for Edinburgh this week.

There is a Celtic Carols with Celtic Worship online on Saturday evening that I’m sure will be well worth logging in to.

The link for that is now on the Big Idea Facebook page.

Please pray on for other churches in Big Idea at this time….and look forward to the January online event on Sunday 3rd at 7pm!

Thanks for now
Alastair Cameron

Call to Midday Prayer

You are invited to pause and pray with others at this time in your day

You are encouraged to give thanks with others in the Big Idea group of churches for the Drive-In Service last evening!

You are invited to pray for the leaders of Big Idea as they plan a way forward in the coming weeks and months

Call to Midday Prayer

At this time of the day together we are invited to pause and pray – for the Big Idea Drive-In event on Sunday evening at Morrisons

Pray for those involved in the final preparations

Pray for those planning to attend

Pray for Mike Parker as he prepares to speak

Pray for staff and customers who will be at Morrisons at that time

Pray for the name of Jesus to be lifted higher than any other!